What does Light Do?

1. Light brings space to life,    2. The power to influence our perceptions and interactions   3. It creates compositions

A Professional Lighting is Both an ART and Science. Art because it’s about being creative, innovative and bringing imagination to life. Science as it’s Synergy of Optical Physics, Inert Gases Characterstics, Applied Digital Electronics and a mix of Protocols. Fusion of creativeness and knowledge of basic science results in perfect Lighting.

Lighting could be defined in four main components:

1. Luminaires    2. Dimmers and Controls    3. Consoles

Just as no two performances are exactly alike, there is no one proper way to light a stage or performance area. Think about all the different types of shows that exist: lectures, concerts, operas, musicals, dramas, ,talk shows, news cast etc. Therefore a flexible control system is required, for example a system which can illuminate light no 23 on FOH2 and very next minute should dim Light no 23 and illuminate light no. 67 on bar 2 along with light no. 54 on ladder 2 with red filter and project beams in white to sweep the floor from intelligent bar 2 using Victory scanners. All this can be made possible using a simple yet reliable light control system.


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