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E Control
Stage and Studio

Dim 12mF

Jupitor Rack
Strand EC21
SD 6
Pack 6 MK
Moods 4
Wall Rack
Grid and suspension system
Stage Furnishing


Lighting Control for Cineplex / Multiplex auditoriums requires special features which are not available in any Lighting Control System. We have specially developed Cineplex Dimmer Control System for small multiple auditoriums to control the Hall lighting with built-in interface for Cine-Projector. It also has an adjustable time delay for control of Emergency Light from an Inverter to accommodate the starting time of the projector. Energy Saving CFL and Fluorescent lighting or even Cold Cathode Neon Lighting is increasingly finding its use in Interiors of these Cineplex’s. Special Mood controlled relays have been built-in the panel for connecting such loads up to 230V, 5A per Relay. This special feature permits mixing of Dimmable Incandescent lamps with non-dimmable CFL or Cold Cathode Neon lamps, with enhanced effect in ambience with touch of a button.
Electronics used is highly reliable and proven for Indian climatic conditions and noisy power supply system. Thyristors have been used in place of Triac commonly deployed. Naturally ventilated wall mounting sheet metal cabinet houses all the Electronics, Radio Frequency interference suppression filters and protection circuit breakers, as per Indian Electricity rules. Lamp intensity setting controls and manual Mood select buttons; LED indicators, etc. are on the front panel, for easy access. Light circuit cables are terminated directly on MCB’s and Neutral Busbar, while all control circuits and Mood Controlled switches are on plug-in connectors on printed circuit board. This makes installation and commissioning very easy and user-friendly.

Film projectors are now designed to control Electronic dimmers for automatically creating the right lighting ambience in Multiplex auditoria for Main film, Ad. slides, interval, start & end of show, etc.

Our Cineplex light management system is designed and built for being connected to a variety of projection machines from world over. Besides controlling the intensity of incandescent lights, the unit also switches CFL & Fluorescent lamps depending on cues received directly from the running film. An adjustable timer is provided to take care of the starting time of the projector.

Cineplex dimmer is user-friendly to operate and pre-programme the intensity levels. It is built to meet Indian Electricity Rules and is suited to tropical climate. The unit is connected through UL approved screw type plug in connector.

Low price & friendly installation make it an ideal choice for Multiplex Cinema Halls. Two models are available to meet different load requirements. The unit is highly reliable for heavy duty cycle.

Model: 8161 Model: 8162
Input Voltage --230V+/-10%, 50Hz, AC—
Output, Dimmable 1X2.5 Kw 2X2.5Kw
Output, non-dimmable, switched 3X1Kw 3X1Kw
Delayed output for Inverter 1X1Kw 1X1Kw
Dimmable Range 0-100% 0-100%
Protection, Incomer DP MCB, 25A DP MCB, 40A
Protection, Dimmer Outgoing SP MCB, 1X16A SP MCB, 2X16A
Cable entry, 25mm knock out 4 nos. 4 nos.
Cabinet Dimensions (WXHXD) --250 X 360 X 85 mm—
Finish --Powder Epoxy coated, Two Tone—

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