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E Control
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Strip LED

Our new Rack Mount console for show control and tracking backup operation provides users with powerful control and security for any application. Whether you are programming a large production or running a live event and want the security of tracking backup electronics or working in a Show control environment, Rack Palette can meet your needs. Rack Palettes are available to match our Palette and Light Palette range of consoles and run Palette OS, making it easy to transfer information in a tracking backup or show control application. New in Rack Palette are multiple cue stacks for quick access to all aspects of your show.


Product Features
Fully digital control console
Two models available 12/24 channels or 24/48 channels
Two pages of Submasters memories
All consoles feature 2 scene preset operation or expanded single scene preset operation with unique Hold function in single scene mode
Up to 24 effects each with up to 99 steps
Split crossfader with time fade function
Bump buttons on all channels
Grand Master and Black out key
Full DMX 512 operation with patch
Available with 120 volt UL, cUL power supply or 230/240 volt CE marked supplies

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