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E Control
Stage and Studio
Moon 12,24,36
Jupitor 48-96
Fademaster 16
Show master 24
Show master 48
Light Desk pro
Light Desk Pro 136
Stage Master PRO
Basic Palette
Classic Palette
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Sub Palette
Offline Palette
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301Series Console
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100 Series Console
Grid and suspension system
Stage Furnishing
Strip LED

There's so much that's new with Palette. And so much that you already know. Clean, elegant, and very, very powerful, classicPalette is a thoroughbred. Channel counts from 150 to 1500, two playbacks and 32 submasters, classicPalette will eat up complex shows, easily - elegantly.

Product Features
PaletteOS Windows XP Embedded operating system
High resolution Graphical User Interface with Mouse
Up to 2000 Cues per show
Hard Disk Cue Storage
USB Key Library storage
Strand ShowNet standard on all systems with 3072 DMX outputs
Automated Lighting Control with Fixture Library
DMX In/Out
Up to 12 Part Cues
12 Effects playbacks
Tracking or Whole Cue operation
DMX In Macros
Wired and Wireless Focus Remote options
Windows Off-Line editor
DMX in macros
Dual Memory Playbacks
Standard memory desks feature 16 Submasters with 10 pages of sub assignments

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