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Standard Dimmer Rack is a 19” (483.2mm) free floor mounting unit made of MS Sheet and steel sections. It is capable of accomodating upto 48 dimmers of 2.5KW or 24 dimmers of 5.0 KW, in plug-in module configuration. It accomodate RFI filter circuits, clamp-on incoming and outgoing power connection terminals, outgoing MCB’s, low voltage control power supplies, cooling fan, etc.

Rack accepts dimmer modules of standard dimensions, which can be plugged into any location. The dimmer rack is provided with six sub-racks, each suitable for four dimmer modules of either 2x2.5KW rating. The dimmer rack and modules are designed for unobstructed airflow to cool heat generating Thyristors and filter chokes. A sub-rack is also provided for four control supply modules, one for each phase of incoming supply and one unit as spare. Incoming distribution MCB’s of special operating characteristic, in the incoming to dimmer, is provided at the front of the rack.

Control supply has mains frequency synchronising circuits which ensure proper synchronisation when the mains frequency fluctuates. Centralised mains frequency synchronisattion help in flicker free lighting and enables use of plugin module in any location in the rack. Also incorporated in the control supply is a special circuit, which ensures that maximum voltage acorss lamp will never exceed the pre-set value of say 220V, irrespective of incoming mains supply voltage, thus ensuring that lamp will not fuse due to over voltage.

Rack is wired with PVC insulated flexible copper cables and wires as per Indian Standard code of practice..

modules operate when inserted into Dimmer Rack slot.

Technical Specifications
Incomer supply voltage : 400-415 V, 3 phase, 50 HZ
Dimmer Rack supply : 24 nos – Dual 2.5 KW or single
Cooling Fan Capacity : 1000 cfm
Dimensions : 2200(H) x 600(W) x 800(D), mm
Paint : Two tone NC base paint

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