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Light Desk Pro
All in one controller 512 channels
Control your complete lightshow with just one controller? It is possible with the Light Desk Pro: it can control up to 16 Intelligent lighting fixtures, 24 groups of conventional lighting, 4 DMX strobes and one DMX fogmachine at one time.

The controller is user-friendly and easy to use thanks to its modular structure and big and bright LCD displays. The most common fixtures are already pre-programmed and it is easy to add new fixtures at any time. It can program 48 Intelligent-lighting programs and 48 conventional lighting programs. For the more demanding user a compact flash card reader is built-in, in order to save or restore even more programs. This Light Desk Pro is a real fully packed full-function controller, suitable to meet any demand in most venues and applications.

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Technical Info

Specification :

DMX 512 controller for 44 DMX units
(16 Intelligent lights + 24 Conventional lights
+ 4 DMX Strobes
+ 1 DMX Fogmachine)

512 DMX Channels (24 Channels for conventional
lighting, 8 Channels for Strobelighting,
36 Channels per Intelligent fixture
and 1 Channel for DMX Fogmachine)
20 pre-set strobe program and 48 programmable scenes
48 freely programmable Intelligent lighting programs (max. 48 steps)
48 freely programmable Conventional lighting programs (max. 48 steps)
Master fader for Par-can
Internal Library is editable for all major scanners
Free access of Compact Flash card to exchange the library or programs
The library and programs can be downloaded or uploaded to PC by the RS-232 port
Audio input and built-in microphone for music sync. functions
USB socket for DJ light
Trackball for Pan/Tilt adjustment of Scanner
Blackout master over overall output
Two LCD displays 40x2 characters
Four 3 pin XLR sockets for DMX 512 output
Midi In/Through/Out
Dimensions 650 x 400 x 115 mm (LxWxH)

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