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Our Live performance console has 48 powerful submaster faders for exceptional hands on control. Whether you are programming a television production or running live events on a regular basis complete control is at your finger tips. Light Palette Live offers ten pages of submaster assignments along with 12 playback faders for multiple cue stacks for quick access to all aspects of your show.

Light Palette command line operation makes setting up and programming your show a breeze. Intuitive and easy to use, our traditional command structure will be familiar to operators everywhere.

Product Features
Graphical User Interface
Windows Embedded OS
Dual Core processors for optimum performance
Color Picker for direct color selection
Abstract Control Model for optimum moving light control
Two timed playbacks
Twelve playback faders
Forty Eight submaster faders provide live action control
Four rotary encoders
Integrated Trackpad
Position, Color, Focus, Lens selection buttons
Two Grand Masters
Two Dead Blackout keys
Four DMX 512 Outputs
Dual Video 1280 x 1024 display support
Optional Touchscreens
ShowNet Ethernet output
Remote video support
Optional wired and wireless graphical handheld remote with cue sheet, channel control and submaster access
Up to 8000 Control Channels/Attributes
Show file compatibility with all 300 and 500 series consoles

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