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MOON Series Light Control Desk, available in 3 models, remotely controls the intensity of up to 12, 24 or 36 dimmer circuits from a remote location. The Control Desk provides in-built safety to the operator, against electrical shocks, as the entire panel operates on low voltage DDC, supplied from Dimmer Rack.

The desk provides facility of controlling intensity of light from Zero to Max. in smooth variation by a set of faders. There are two sets of faders for each dimmer. Each set has its own Group Master Fader. The panel provides basic controls for annual operation and other special functions. The panel is particularly suited for small TV, studio, auditorium, clubs, disco and small multipurpose halls etc……


1. Two faders per channel with separate pairs of Group Master Faders for channels 1to12and channels 13 to 24. Th Desk can thus be operated as 2 way, 2 scene preset system with two Group Master faders per preset, and a master fader.

2. Channel number 1 to 12 can be individually switched from manual operation to special effect controls as follows:

Channel number 1 Flasher
Channel number 2, 3 Music Channel-Bass, Middle & 4 Treble
Channel number 5, 6 Cross Fader A.
Channel number 7, 8 Cross Fader B.
Channel number 9, 10 Chaser (Sequencer) 11 & 12

There are additional controls like flasher Speed Control, Chaser Speed Control Cross Fade Rate Control etc……. Facility for selective back out on Group Master Faders has been provided.

The panel is of small dimensions and is of portable nature. Connections between control desk and dimmer bank are made by multipin connector. The panel operates on low voltage D.C. supplied from the dimmer bank

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