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Model Dim-12MF

The Dimmer Panel comprises of Electronic Dimmer Modules, Filters, Power Supply, , Patch Panel,etc. designed and manufactured specifically for entertainment lighting control.


The dimmer panel is a small, sleek wall mounted panel with built in patch panel capable of handling large power.
The panel shall be properly treated, primed and finished in fine texture.The Dimmer Panel is divided physically in three parts: Power Handling Section, Patch Panel, Electronic Control Section. These sections are physically divided.
The size of the Panel is 900 W x 1000ht x 100 depth.The Front of the Panel shall have MCB’s protection, for both incomer supply and outgoing circuits, Patch pnel with 24 sockets x 24 plugs.

The dimmer panel is naturally ventilated and cooled. This has been achieved by proper design and computer modeling, ensuring air flow path is not obstructed.

The natural ventilated panel ensures that the system shall maintain the temperature of all components at proper operating levels with dimmers at any load, providing the ambient temperature of the dimmer room is within 0 to 35°C degrees C.
The Dimmer Rack shall operate in an environment with a relative humidity of 10-80%, non-condensing.

Load terminations are clearly numbered at the Elmex Terminal Bay with the Dimmer Circuit Number. Neutral and ground shall be Terminated on the Bus Bar Provided. Control Signal terminations shall be pre-wired.

The supply voltage and frequency of the pack shall be:

Three phase, 230/440V, 50Hz / 60 Hz
Maximum connected load of the rack shall be:
30 KW

Each dimmer module shall be protected by a thermal magnetic circuit breaker.
The Rack sha ll be powered by an incomer three pole magnetic circuit breaker.


The dimmer control electronics based on analog ramping circuits
Control inputs shall have corresponding terminal connection points through a Dtype connector mounted in the Panel.


The dimmers shall be factory wired.
One thyristor module shall be provided for each dimmer, rated for the dimmer power rating. Each thyristor module shall be easily field replaceable. One RF Filter choke for each dimmer shall be mounted along with the modules.


One three pole MCB as incomer, one circuit breaker for each dimmer is mounted to the front panel and provides for protection of individual dimmers.
Dimmer electronics shall be solid state. They shall use a single thyristor power device. The full load of the circuit is to be carried and controlled by each thyristors.
The circuit breaker shall be rated for tungsten loads having an inrush rating of no less than 20 times normal current and shall disconnect the power to the dimmer module before damage can be done to the dimmer power components. The circuit breakers shall be rated for 100 percent switching duty applications.


Each dimmer module shall have an integral inductive filter to reduce the rate of current rise time resulting from the SCR switching on. The filter shall limit objectionable harmonics, reduce lamp filament sing and limit the radio frequency interference on line and load conductors.
Stage dimmers shall have a rise time of not less than 100 microseconds


The dimmer module shall be capable of "hot patching" cold, incandescent loads up to its full rated capacity without malfunction with the control signal at full ON.
The dimmer output levels shall be regulated for incoming line voltage variations. Dimmers will maintain output RMS voltage within +/-2% with changes in load from 100 watts to full rated load at any point on the dimming curve.
Output waveform is a variable conduction angle 230VAC sine wave.
Output response time (from control signal change) is less than 0.1 seconds.
The power efficiency of the dimmer is a minimum of 95% at full load.

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