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Flair Lighting Controller
Flair 20i
Flair 21i
Flair 22i
Flair 30i
Flair 31i
Flair 32i
Flair 40i
Flair 41i
Flair 42i
Flair Lambent FTL controller
Spectra Lite

Flair 04
Press Mood Buttons (1 to 4 )

  Technical Specifications  
Input 190-250V, 50Hz, AC
Output 4 channels each rated 600W.
Dimming Range 0-100%, Preset.
Scene 4 scene and Off.
Load Incandescent or halogen lamps
Temp. range 0C  to 50C
Terminals Screw type, rated 15A each.
Wall Box Sheet steel box zinc plated,
conduit holes punched.
Front Bezel White, lvory, Grey and Black made of
ABS plastic Snap-on fixing
Flair 4
90 high x 238 long x 50 deep wall box

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