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Light Ladders
As the name suggests Light Ladder is used to suspend the lights in steps along the vertical axis. Light Ladder is made of MS Tube / Angles with bars in between them. Lights are suspended from the bars. The
Ladder has provision to house Wire Harness and Sockets.

There are two types of Ladder :-

FOH Ladder – installed inside the auditorium , is used for Cross Lighting of the stage front area. – The FOH Ladder can house upto 8 lights on each ladder – 2 nos. have been installed inside the auditorium- one on either side at a distance of approximately 6 mtrs. from the Stage.

Stage Ladder – installed on stage between the wings. This is used to profile the artists on stage by illuminating the performer from the sides. This provides a depth of field.

4 nos. of stage ladders have been used to provide adequate cross lighting.
Each ladder can accommodate upto 4 lights on them.

The lights on the ladder can be used with Gel Filters to provide colours on stage and an effect which creates environment to match the theme or capture the moment on stage.

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