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Cool Lights

Highlights Available in 2,4,6 and 8 lamps

Cool snd flicker free lamps, with an average lamp life of 10,000 hours and a near constant co lour temperature. Available in 3000, 3200 and 5600 K colour tmp.

High Colour Rendering Index: An ideal choice for television, films, video, stills and digital image recording and even high speed photography.

90% less running costs: than conventional tungsten due to low energy consumption, very low heat output a
nd a much reduced air conditioning requirement.

Choice of control systems: Switch, dimming, analogue or DMX 512, local and remote.

Computer simulated reflectors: Give enhanced lighting levels.

Super Reflective Barndoors: Provide extra light output and restrict light in undesired areas.

VERSATILE CONTROL SYSTEMS: You can choose the perfect system for your application.

Switch control: E-lite EL255 has a single switch to On and Off the Lamp Head,while E-lite EL455 has two position Light Output i.e. 50% and 100% Light Output. E-lite EL655 has three position Light Output i.e. 33.3% 66.6% and 100%.

Analogue dimming is the most economical solution for up to 24 control channels. Using the industry standard 0 to 10v system each luminaire includes local dimming. The Units can be remotely controlled through a Control Console available for 6.12, 18 and 24 Channels respectively. Units can also be looped and connected through a output jack available on the Light Head.

Phase Control Dimming provides the option of replacement of Old Tungsten fittings to Electronic Cool Lights. Which can be controlled from conventional dimmer racks with leading edge (phase forward) switching.

DMX Dimming Used in Large Studios, Each Light can be uniquely addressed and Signal indicators provide present of Signal on the lamp Head. The Light can be controlled through any state-of-the –art console and can be programmed. In case of failure of DMX.
Signal, the last signal received shall remain stored.

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