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Main Curtain

Centre Parting Curtain System:-

Horizontally moving Centre-Parting Curtain System comprises of machine made curtain rails, Nylon Roller fitted curtain trolleys and curtain drive mechanisom. Curtain rails are fixed at appropriate height on the Stage in such a way that rail and trolleys are not visible from the auditorium floor.

Drive mechanism comprises 3 phase motor, speed reduction non-reversing worm wheel gearbox and rope drum assembly. Drive mechanism is of high efficiency so as to require minimum power to operate. Rope drum is parabolic type with tension and divertor pulleys at either end. Motor is totally enclosed. Fan cooled, 415 V, 3 phase, 50Hz AC of Siemens make.

Drive uses stranded steel wire rope of 4 mm dia. Tension and Diverter pulley uses steel iron pulleys fitted with Ball bearings on machined and ground shaft. All parts are Zinc plated and passivated to withstand vagaries of weather.

Curtain trolleys are made of steel fitted with Nylon Rollers having Brass Roller Bushes. Master trolley has number of rollers so that it has smooth and steady movement even when steel wire rope is fixed on it, and it is used to pull half the curtain.

Roller type Limit switches are fitted on the curtain rail. An actuator on the Master trolley actuates the limit switches in curtain open and closed position. This type of arrangement ensures that curtain operates positively within limits and no ambiguity occurs in its operation.

Entire system is of sturdy design. Main Curtain is made of Fire Retardant Velvet Cloth and is very heavy, weighing 100’s of kg; therefore, the entire system mechanism is strongly built using best of engineering practices.

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