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Motorised Winch

Motorised Gear Drive Mechanism: Motorised gear drive is precision designed to move the bars vertically. Drive is very efficient and requires less than 400 Watts of electrical power to move a 350 KG load.

Drive consists of 1.0 HP 3 phase, 415V totally enclosed, fan cooled, electric motor of standard make, directly coupled to efficient non-reversing worm reduction gear. Gearbox housing is aluminum pressure die cast and worm wheel is centrifugal cast Bronze, while worm is of machine ground steel.
Pile winding Rope drums are precision machined and ground. Rope Drums have been designed for 4 ropes. The ropes are Guided through a pulley set comprising of 1,2, 3,&4 pullies, which are placed at a fixed location and at 5 places on the grid as shown in the attached drawing.
The Steel Wire Ropes not only lift the Bars but also act as a Wire Guide for retractable cable used on Light Bars.

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