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High brightness, multi function LCD projector with LAN support provides effective, impressive presentations for conferences and educational seminars

Lightweight: 3.5 kg
Wall Colour Correction
High brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens (LT380), 2500 ANSI lumens (LT280)
High-Speed Wireless & Wired LAN Capability
XGA (1024 x 768 dots) resolution
Security functions
Automatic Vertical Keystone Correction and 3D Reform function    
High brightness
Although LT380 has a highly transportable, lightweight body weigning 3.5 kg, it achieves high brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens, which is sufficient for use in a bright room. (This is for the LT380. The brightness is 2500 ANSI lumens for the LT280.)
Automatic Vertical Keystone Correction and 3D Reform function
If the position of the screen is too high or low, the projector must be installed at an angle, resulting in trapezoidal distortion of the projected images. The acceleration sensor built into the main unit senses the inclination of the unit in the vertical direction and then corrects for any trapezoidal distortion in the projected images automatically (+/- 40 degrees from the projection angle). The user can set up the projector very quickly and easily since it is not necessary to correct it manually. With the 3D Reform function, it is also possible to correct trapezoidal distortion manually by clicking the four corners of the projected image with a mouse connected to the main unit to project square images.
Wall Colour Correction
Without a screen, the projected images may be affected by the colours of the wall or blackboard. This projector has built-in colour correction for projecting images on a coloured wall or blackboard, so that the colour tones of the projected images can be approximated to those projected on a white screen. The following eight colour options are available as user selections: blackboard, blackboard (gray), light yellow, light green, light blue, sky blue, light rose and pink.
High-Speed Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g) and Wired LAN (RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) Capability
Images on the PC display can be projected without a connecting cable by installing Image Express Utility 2.0 (IEU 2.0) on the PC as well as loading the wireless LAN card (option) on the LT380 respectively. IEU 2.0 is dedicated software that is attached to the projector. The projectors support IEEE802.11g in addition to the ordinary IEEE802.11b. Smoother image projection has been achieved by the unique compression method developed by NEC. The projectors support wired LAN with an integrated RJ-45 connector.
Low Noise 35/30 dB
By selecting the power saving "Lamp Eco Mode", power consumption can be saved and noise level can be reduced to 30 dB, so that the user can hold conferences or classes in a quiet environment without noises from the fan (35 dB in normal use).
Security function prevents unauthorized use or theft
By using passwords, the projector cannot be used by unauthorized persons. Once the security function is in effect, a message requesting the password is displayed when the power of the main unit is turned on. It is impossible to project an image unless the proper password is entered.
Wireless LAN functions
High-speed, high-quality image transfer in a wireless environment by Image Express Utility 2.0 (Ver. 2.0).
A presenter (a PC transmitting images to the projector) can be switched
With an ordinary projector, it is necessary to reconnect the RGB cables when the presenter changes. Conversely, this projector can change presenters with a single operation. The person who wants to speak can send images from his/her PC to the projector just by clicking the “Become a Presenter” button.
Images transmitted from a PC to the Projector can be monitored with other PCs
A presenter can transmit images to not only the projector but also participants’ PCs. For a presentation in a large conference room, participants can confirm details of the projected images, such as small characters, etc., with their own PCs. A presenter can distribute files or documents used in the presentation through the network.
Projected images can be stored in memory and notes can be added in a text field.
In addition to viewing the projected images on your own PC, you can also store the images on your PC. Since some margin space is available, you can take notes or provide the minutes of a meeting.
Training mode
An administrator (a teacher) can switch images on the participants’ (students’) PCs to be projected on a screen. With the Training mode, a single PC can control PCs that project images onto a screen. You can switch the PCs that project image or pause communication with the projector.
Extend supported network form
Supporting a meeting over multiple segments
With Image Express Utility 2.0 (Ver. 2.0), it is possible to conduct meetings over segments and across different networks. Since the projector supports a variety of network configurations, it can easily be introduced into environments where networks have already been constructed.

The Automatic Search function searches for network projectors
Even if the desired projector is on another network, it can be found with the Automatic Search function.

Image Express Utility 2.0 (Ver. 1.0) of the previous version
"Meeting" is available in the same network.

Image Express Utility 2.0 (Ver. 2.0) of the new version attached to the current models
"Meeting" is available over network segment.

Multiple IN/OUT terminals
The projector is equipped with a number of input/output terminals, including component (RCA) and a PC card slot (for viewing digital images such as JPEG and BMP) as well as DVI-D* to support a variety of image sources.
*DVI-D : LT380 only
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