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The world's lightest* 3000 ANSI lumens projector. Auto features to make set up quick and easy.

Ultra Portable, High Brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens (NP60)
Quick Start Up and Cooling Down
Auto Focus Function
Quick Power-Off Function
Auto Input Selection
New Cooling System
Auto Vertical Keystone Correction   • 1.6kg
* As of November 2006, according to our investigation.
High brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens in a 1.6 kg lightweight body
High brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens (NP60) is more than sufficient for use in a well-lit room.The lightweight magnesium body is compact and extremely strong making it very durable for the travelling professional.
Auto Focus Function by the focus sensor
The focus of the projected image is adjusted automatically by measuring the distance between the focus sensor and the screen. This function activates immediately whenever the power is turned on, the zoom function is adjusted or the position of the main unit is changed, so the projector can be set up easily without focusing every time.
Auto Input Selection
The projector automatically detects the source and projects the image with auto input selection.
Auto Vertical Keystone Correction adjusts the trapezoidal distortion to cor rect the projected image
If the position of the screen is too high or low, the projector must be installed at an angle, resulting in trapezoidal distortion of the projected images. The acceleration sensor built into the main unit senses the inclination of the unit in the vertical direction and then corrects for any trapezoidal distortion in the projected images automatically to project square images. (+/- 16 degrees from the projection angle) The user can set up the projector very quickly and easily since it is not necessary to correct it manually.
Wall Colour Correction enables vivid images even without a screen
Without a screen, the projected images may be affected by the colours of the wall or blackboard. This projector has built-in colour correction for projecting images on a coloured wall or blackboard, so that the colour tones of the projected images can be approximated to those projected on a white screen. The following eight colour options are available as user selections: blackboard, blackboard (gray), light yellow, light green, light blue, sky blue, light rose and pink.
New Cooling System
The NP60/50/40 houses a state of the art new cooling system. This system uses a cooling pump, to pump high pressure / high velocity air around the lamp dramatically improving cooling efficiency. With this new cooling system, the body can be further reduced in size compared with ordinary projectors that use a single cooling fan.
The NP60/50/40 delivers the same high brightness as the previous LT35/30/25 models, while reducing the weight by 20%.

Quick Start Up and Cooling Down
The projector can project images from a PC or a video within approximately 14 seconds after turning on the power. The length of time it takes for the cooling fan to stop after turning off the main power is just 10 seconds, so the projector can be removed and packed away very quickly after a conference or lecture.
Quick power-off function
The quick power-off function permits immediate removal of the power plug from the electrical outlet after turning off the main power even if the cooling fan is still operating. Since it is not necessary to wait for the cooling fan to stop, the projector can be promptly transferred to another room. With the direct power-off function, it is possible to remove the power plug from an electrical outlet even when images are being projected.
Security function prevents unauthorized use or theft
By using passwords, the projector cannot be used by unauthorized persons. Once the Security function is in effect, a message requesting the password is displayed when the power of the main unit is turned on. It is impossible to project an image unless the proper password is entered.
Terminal Panel
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