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E Control
Stage and Studio

Dim 12mF

Jupitor Rack
Strand EC21
SD 6
Pack 6 MK
Moods 4
Wall Rack
Grid and suspension system
Stage Furnishing
Strip LED

Electronic Dimmer is the heart of the Lighting Control System. Dimmers facilitate the control intensity of lamps. The intensity of a group of lamps can be adjusted individually or in a group as scenes. With use of scene faders and one master fader or as scene buttons, one can pre-program scenes of performances or moods , by both in terms of preset of intensities as well as selection of lamps.

Since introduction, Dimmers have undergone and undergoing continous change.
A wide variety of Dimmers are available today.

Transformer / Variac Dimmers : - Almost extinct now: Extremely inefficient.

Analog Dimmers : Electronic Analog Dimmers : Controlled by a variable DC input 0-5/10V

Digital Dimmers : Micro Controller Based Electronic Dimmers: Firing Precision is achieved, Can be networked using manufacturer’s protocol. Computer Interfacable.

DMX Dimmers: Micro Controller Based Electronic Dimmers, Adopts international Lighting Industry Standard Protocol DMX 512. Interfacable with wide range of controllers.

We at EFFECTRON provide you a wide range of Lighting Dimmers varying from a single channel to a 72 chanel Single rack to 96 ch. Multiple Networked Racks.

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