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Self Climbing Hoist

The Self Climbing Hoist effectively solves the problem of suspension of Luminaires in TV studios.Several Luminaires can be suspended from the long barrel. Electrical sockets are built on the body of the Hoist for convenience of connection of Luminaires. Hoist are moved vertically up and down from a remote control panel located inside the studio.

Self Climbing Hoist has integral motor Gear Box assembly, upper/lower limit control switches etc. It is equipped with:

4 Steel rope suspension cables
Slack wire detection device and switches
Overload detection device and switches
All enclosed power and control cable folding arrangement .
Extra flexible PVC insulated flat power and Control cables.

It is precision built in best of engineering practice, all parts are interchangeable.

The Hoists are fixed from the Catwalk or proof at only two points, to ensure low installation cost. A mechanical device in the drive system enables lowering of Hoist in case of power failure of faults. Hoist can be brought to the studio floor for reliable and easy maintenance.

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