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LED Controller

LED Controller

Control Power Supply: Model

Compact SMPS supply of 12V, 20A rating with built-in cooling fan and operating in wide voltage range of 160-265Volts, 45-65 Hz, AC having Connectors for connecting LED Strip for daisy chain and Colour Mixing Controller.

For large area, number of Control Supplies can be daisy chained through LED strips without running additional wires from Colour mixing controllers. Internal electronics built-in the Control Supply eliminate need for this extra wiring.

Sheet metal enclosure, well ventilated, is designed for continuous duty operation of 24X7. Three number Polarised plug-in connectors for connection to

• LED Strip
• Colour Mixing Controller
• Return from last LED Strip

duly labeled are provided on the front panel. One Power supply is capable of driving upto 65 mtr length of single colour LED Strip. For larger requirement more Power Supply units can be connected in Daisy Chain.

Only one Colour Mixing Controller shall be needed per area, routing of controller signals is via electronics built-in the Power Supply unit.

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Colour Mixing Controller: Model

Colour mixing controller is capable of providing control signals for RED, Green, Blue and White LED’s in the LED Strip. Microcontroller controlled colour mixing controller has been built with colour combination storage capability in Four Moods so that when recalled, it will light the LED strips in pre-defined colour.

Handheld IR remote selects the Mood, beside front panel Mood select buttons. LCD display indicates the Mood it is running, beside displaying the user defined name of the Property (Hotel). In programming Mood LCD display will indicate the percentage of RGB content, so that same setting may be repeated, if required, on other controllers.

Controller is wall mountable of compact design, built around standard 8 module modular switch plate. Connection terminals are screw type accessible after opening the unit, for permanent installation. Only one cable is required to be connected between Controller and first Power Supply unit, as shown in diagram below.

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