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LED Strip Lights

Effectron Luminex has developed, designed and manufactured it in India for Indian conditions. Complete system to cater to the needs of Interior Designer. Full Colour, Dual colour and Mono colour units are available to suit customer needs and budget.

LED STRIPS are perfect for indirect lighting, for Coves and for Wall washer, for all background lighting. Mechanical designs are such that user can easily adjust the light to the area it intent to highlight. Units are made in user familiar fluorescent light sizes of 1200mm and 600mm.
Making electrical connections is very simple and user friendly. Polarised screw type plug-in connectors are used to daisy chain all the LED Strip lights. Low voltage control supply of 20A rating can drive large number of LED Strips. Control supply can also be daisy chained so that only one Colour mixing Controller is required to light up large area.
LED Strips are available in Full colour RGB, Dual colour and monochrome (white, warm white, blue, green, red, amber, etc.).

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Full Colour RGB version, Model is dimmable and is designed to colour mix to the desired colour hue. Colour change controller is available in two options
• Stand alone Colour Mixing Controller is user friendly. It displays the extent of colour mix of RGB LED’s being set on LCD display. Colour setting can be saved in Four Moods for recall later. IR handheld remote will change the Mood in addition to front Panel buttons.
• DMX 512 controllable Colour Mixing Controllers are also available for larger system. Provision has been made to set the starting address of the unit to match with the larger system.

Dual Colour Version Model is designed to colour mix two coloured LED’s like Red and Green; Blue and White; Blue and Green; Red and Blue; etc., this combination gives limited colour combination like Red and Green gives hues of Amber in addition to Red and Green effects. These LED Strips are economical to Full Colour and uses the same Controller to control the colour mix.

Monochrome Version Model is designed for single colour. These LED Strips are economical to Full Colour or Dual colour. Dimming is possible using Colour Mixing Controller. It is available in various colours like Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, and Amber.

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