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Stage Furnishing
Cyclorama Screen and Frame :


Cyclorama Screen is erected along the stage rear wall at a distance of approx. 2000 mm, This has been done to provide rear passage for the artists and also to accommodate Bulge in Civil Design on the top half of the stage at First Floor Level. Hi-Gain Cyclorama screen has been installed for Slide / film projection in a multipurpose auditorium, besides using it as colour wash or for pattern projection for stage performance. Cyclorama lights are directed to fall on this screen to colour wash it from top as well as Moving Heads installed on the First Intelligent Bar provide infinite pattern and depth to the screen.


To Experience Wide Screen Cinema without distortion Cyclorama Frame has been constructed with a small curvature to avoid even minor distortion in picture quality. Construction is made out of GI pipes (48 dia, 42 dia and 25 dia) in welded self-supporting construction. Front of frame is covered with Perlux140+ non perforated PVC cloth Covering material is stretched without wrinkles with cotton rope wound on GI pipe frame in such a way that it is not seen from auditorium seating. The Rear side is covered with a protective Canvas Cloth to protect Perlux140+ from accidental damage.


Harkness Perlux™ screens are considered by leading cinema exhibitors worldwide to be the premier gain projection surface. Perlux™ is a specially coated white surface providing a high gain characteristics, high contrast, bright pictures, generous viewing angles and excellent colour temperature. Seams are invisible under normal projection conditions. Perlux 140+ has been installed on the pipe frame erected specially for this screen.

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