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Structural Grid
Structural Grid for support of various stage accessories forms the basic element of Stage Design. The strength of the grid defines the capabilities and flexibility that the stage can have. Various options are available for designing the stage structural grid – most popular being the

1. Pipe Grid
2. Track Grid
3. Angle Grid

The Grid is made of 50x50x6 MS angles in welded assembly forming a T-Grid over the entire stage area. The Grid is supported on C Channel of 100 mm which is suspended from the main truss and grouted in the walls. The Grid forms the foundation of entire Stage Engineering. Light / Set / Frill bars, curtains, frills, etc. are all suspended from this grid. The Grid is a load bearing structure. It has been painted in Matt black colour. Grid has a provision to add more numbers of bars, etc for Future expansion.

The advantage of this Grid is that we can add any item for example Light Bar, Set Bar, Scenery etc. as and when required. The tracks criss cross each other in ‘X’ and ‘Y’ Direction at every 1 mtr. Interval / intersection.
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