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Telly Climbers
The TELECLIMBER is a single Luminaire suspension system Which can raise or lower a single luminaire. Up and Down movement is achieved with set of Aluminium aquare tubes of precision dimensions, sliding in and out on specially designed Nylon separators. Vertical movement is achieved electrically with a electric motor, sealed, non-reversing, helical spur worm gear box , and double steel wire rope system.

Safety feature are built-in such that the telescope stops further movement if it encounters an obstacle or it is overloaded. A maximum upper and lower limit control switch box is also provided.

Teleclimber is available for overhead track suspension or horizontal floor tracks. Floor track trolley is fitted with ball castors, moving on a row of balls for easy effortless movement of the telescope. It is available in various extension and collapsed lengths to suit any application. A cable collection basket luminaire holder of 29 mm diameter and luminaire power socket is fixed near the bottom.

Ideal for Television Studio use
Very compact and sleek
lifts heavy luminaire of up to 35 kg.
Wide range of models available
Built-in safety features of overhead and slackwire
Uses non-reversing helical spur worm gear box
Suitable for overhead or floor track use
Can be manually in case of power failure
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