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Wall Rack
Defining the new standard in permanent installation dimming for small/medium entertainment and architectural venues, the Strand Wallrack is available in three sizes, and with a host of features to suit every application.

Wallrack is convection cooled (no fans) and yet extremely compact - great for distributed dimming schemes

or just to get a lot of dimmers into a small space!

Product Features
24 x 2.5kW, 6 x 2.5kW, and 6 x 5kW versions
220-240Vac, 3-phase/single phase operation
MCB (SPN) protection for each channel
Field-upgradeable to RCD protection
Easy installation/compact size
Convection cooled – no fans
Substantially overrated power devices
Dual DMX input, DMX patch and DMX output
Powerful patch, with user-selectable curves and non-dims
8 remote preset closures and Panic input
Up to 6 analogue outputs for external fluorescent or contactor operation
Plug in control electronics for easy maintenance
Ample cable space for top or bottom entry
Simple and intuitive software configuration
LED indicators for 3 phases, DMX A and B, and Over-temperature
Integral power supply for up to eight Accent architectural control stations

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