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Wired Microphone
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Wired Microphone
Solid reliability and superior sound have made our microphones industry standards. Shure microphones deliver consistent vocal and instrument reproduction in any performance setting, which is why they have been legendary for so long.
Performance Gear Microphones
Affordable, application-specific microphones, ideal for everyday use.
SM Microphones
Performance tested, industry-standard microphones for daily club use and touring.
Beta Microphones
Sensitive to fine sound details in demanding environments.
KSM Microphones
Ultra-sensitive studio condenser microphones for breathtaking vocal and instrument reproduction.
Microflex Microphones
Professional microphones for a wide variety of installed applications.
KSM9 Handheld Vocal Microphone
Extraordinary vocal reproduction for critical sound applications. Supercardioid and Cardioid, Condenser.
55SH Series II Vocal & Speech Microphone
Unmistakable stage icon for over 60 years. Features a signature chrome-plated die-cast case with vintage '50s look and feel.
104C Indoor/Outdoor Communication Microphone
Handheld Omnidirectional Carbon Mic, recommended for all types of outdoor and indoor communication activity. Omnidirectional, Carbon.
520DX "Green Bullet" Harmonica Microphone
The definitive blues harp voice, features signature green and chrome die-cast case, contoured to fit perfectly between harmonica and hands.
Beta 57A Instrument Microphone
The Beta 57A is an excellent microphone designed for use with amplified or acoustic instruments. The compact grille design gets the microphone cartridge close to the sound source. Supercardioid, Dynamic.
Beta 58A Vocal Microphone
The Beta 58A® microphone accentuates the warmth and clarity of lead and backup vocals. Its supercardioid design provides maximum isolation from other onstage sounds. Supercardioid, Dynamic.
SM57 Instrument Microphone
Multi-purpose Shure microphone with contoured frequency response for clean sound reproduction of amplified or acoustic instruments. Cardioid, Dynamic.
SM58 Vocal Microphone
Legendary Shure SM58® vocal microphone, tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals. Consistently the first choice of performers everywhere. Cardioid, Dynamic.
SM86 Vocal Microphone
A rugged condenser microphone that features a tailored frequency response for clear reproduction of vocals. Built-in three-point shock mount and two-stage pop filter. Cardioid, Condenser.
SM87A Vocal Microphone
A sensitive condenser vocal microphone that features a smooth, tailored response for a warm, accurate sound. Supercardioid, Condenser.
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